Mobile fleet washing

Mobile fleet washing

Ing. David Řeháček
Tel.:+420 777 723 012

Daniel Šponták
Tel.: +420 608 808 298

We wash the exteriors of all types of vehicles on the customer’s premises. We own a complex system, which allows us to wash your entire vehicle fleet on-site. We will set up a washing station at your complex, where our drivers will gradually bring all your vehicles for washing. We then pack the washing station up and drive off. We leave nothing behind.

Our advantages

Requirements for providing the service:

A 380 V electricity supply (cost max. CZK 4 / truck). Connection to the water mains – regardless of pressure, we have our own equalising tank (cost max. CZK 11 / truck). Access to the drains in order to discharge filtered wastewater (cost max. CZK 11 / truck).

Mobile disinfection of transportation areas

Our company owns a licence and certification of professional competence to carry out special protective disinfection. We carry out disinfection and cleaning of the cargo areas of refrigerated trucks and trailers. We issue a record of disinfection.

Mobile cleaning of vehicle interiors

We offer professional wet cleaning of vehicle cabins. We disinfect air-conditioning systems using ozone. We use our own electricity and water supply, which means we can provide this service anywhere

We travel to the vehicle’s parking site > At any time, on weekends or at night > We set up a washing station on your premises > We move the vehicles > We hand wash them > We don’t leave any waste behind > We ecologically dispose of everything

We are Dirtbusters!

Price from (without VAT):

  • Truck + trailer 37 €
  • Interior trailer disinfection 24 €
  • Van with box 20 €
  • Car 9 €
  • Tandem 44 €
  • Bus 30 €
We are also washing:
  • Exteriors of buildings
  • Forklifts
  • Industrial machinery
  • Loading ramps
  • Rooftops
  • Warehouses

„The Washing Partnership“